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Avondale Community Partners, Fall 2021

Students collaborate with the Director of the Ross Community Center, Jacqueline Hanoman, to build relationships with Avondale, Muncie community members. Ross Immersive was made possible by the work and dedication of our community partners.


Meet Our Partners


Jacqueline Hanoman

Director of the Ross Community

Jacqueline Hanoman Ph.D. is the Executive Director of the Ross Community Center. She is passionate about community engagement and development for sustainability. The visual ethnographies are very meaningful to her as through them, these four community friends are expressing what their neighborhood means to them in very powerful ways. 


April Poole

Wife, Mother, Model, Future Entrepreneur

"I joined this project to simultaneously learn about the art of photography and more about my community to which I am a fairly new resident. I gained just that, plus a sense of what community truly means."


Jeannetta Presley 

Volunteer and Avondale Methodist Church member

"Photography has always fascinated me, but I've never had the opportunity. to try it before. I've learned a lot from this project, and it gave me a reason to stay busy."


Cindy McCormick

Community Volunteer

"Prior to moving into this community, I didn't feel accepted, until I joined the Avondale Methodist Church. Not only did this project help me voice my gratitude toward the church, but I also achieved something I never thought I could do."


Jeffrey Brubaker

Owner of Sparky's Corner Greenhouse

"If I'm being honest I wasn't really interested in doing this project at first, but I got selected because I am one of the residents who has lived here the longest. I am glad I stuck with it though because it gave me a sense of nostalgia and satisfaction seeing everyone else's work."

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