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Jeannetta's Ethnography

Jeannetta has lived in the Avondale community for many years and is a heavily involved member of the Avondale Methodist Church. She is known in the community for doing breakfast at the bus stops to ensure no child is left hungry.

Jeannetta's Top 3 Photos

JennettaPresley_VisualizingRoss_Fall 2021_0001
JennettaPresley_VisualizingRoss_Fall 2021_0001

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JennettaPresley_VisualizingRoss_Fall 2021_0070
JennettaPresley_VisualizingRoss_Fall 2021_0070

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IMG_5869 2

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JennettaPresley_VisualizingRoss_Fall 2021_0001
JennettaPresley_VisualizingRoss_Fall 2021_0001

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For Jeannetta, the Avondale community holds a special place in her heart. Avondale is not just Jeannetta's neighborhood, it's her world. She is heavily immersed in the community through her involvement with the Avondale Methodist Church. Her love for the community shines through her involvement and contributions to the neighborhood by her volunteer efforts. Her top three photographs show the power of community involvement. She believes that community involvement acts as a glue, holding the community together.

JennettaPresley_VisualizingRoss_Fall 2021_0112

Church on the Southside

JennettaPresley_VisualizingRoss_Fall 2021_0129

B&K Rootbeer Stand

JennettaPresley_VisualizingRoss_Fall 2021_0073

Ross Center Market Day Preparation

JennettaPresley_VisualizingRoss_Fall 2021_0077

The Ross Community Center Playground

JennettaPresley_VisualizingRoss_Fall 2021_0020

Avondale Methodist Church

JennettaPresley_VisualizingRoss_Fall 2021_0090

Ross Community Center Market Day

Jeannetta's Interview

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VisualizingRoss_Fall 2021_misc photos_0108
VisualizingRoss_Fall 2021_misc photos_0005_edited
VisualizingRoss_Fall 2021_misc photos_0011_edited
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