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Avondale Community Partners, Spring 2022

Ball State Ross Immersive learning students collaborate with the Director of the Ross Community Center, Jacqueline Hanoman, to build relationships with four new Avondale, Muncie community members. Ross Immersive was made possible by the work and dedication of our community partners.


Meet Our Partners


Jacqueline Hanoman

Director of the Ross Community

Jacqueline Hanoman Ph.D. is the Executive Director of the Ross Community Center. She is passionate about community engagement and development for sustainability. The visual ethnographies are very meaningful to her as through them, these four community friends are expressing what their neighborhood means to them in very powerful ways. 


Billy Brown

"I took this experience to take pictures for myself, but also to show the representation of what's not seen in Muncie all of the time. Muncie's hidden gems."


Gwendolyn Jones

"Through this experience, I was able to capture the beautiful things in Muncie, but I was also able to capture something as important which was the loss of industry in the city of Muncie."


Ingrid Crawford

"Learning how to take pictures through this experience helped me to be able to capture the meaningful times of my childhood in Muncie."


Laura Myers

"This experience has shown me there is much more to capture all-around Muncie and that a picture is really worth 1000 words."

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